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Employee Compensation Consulting Services

Aligning employee compensation systems to the business goals and culture of organizations is an integral step to creating a high performance organization.
There are many approaches to consider, each of which communicates a different message to your employees. We can help ensure the messaging hits the mark.

Prudent companies seek to maximize the return on their dollars spent by fairly compensating and retaining valued employees. Effective compensation systems must communicate three things: the fairness of the reward program process, the value of the reward, and the actions or results required to obtain that reward.


We help our clients design, implement, and link compensation programs to support their strategies, cultures, and business goals. We take a holistic view of employee rewards, helping you tailor your programs to your company’s unique circumstances.


How you measure and reward your employees speaks loud and clear about your organization’s mission, culture, and values. Employees form opinions of pay competitiveness, the relationship to performance, and fairness.


If you are not providing a conscious message about your pay systems, your employees are creating their own, and it may not be positive. Negative employee perceptions can lead to poor employee engagement and low satisfaction. Conversely, a well-designed program can help employees understand the value of the different elements of their pay and contribute to a high-performance workforce.

To speak with our managing consultant, Joe Kager, call 813-546-8628 or email directly at

Our comprehensive expertise in Employee Compensation covers:
  • Reward Strategy Development
  • Total Reward Consulting
  • Base Salary Plan Development
  • Custom Job Evaluation System Development
  • Short-Term Incentive Plan Design
  • Low Cash / Non-Cash Recognition Systems
  • Incentive Plan Communication
  • Management Salary Administration Training
  • Employee Salary Administration Training
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