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Executive Compensation Consulting
Services for Non-Profit Organizations

Is your organization seeking specialized advice
for creating strategic compensation systems? 

The POE Group can help.
Our firm understands the unique challenges faced by
non-profits and we use our 25+ years of
experience to provide valuable insight and direction
for our clients.

Get Compensation Strategies and Insights
Customized to Your Non-Profit Organization


Non-profits can attract and retain top quality executive talent with well-designed compensation systems

We help you determine what's reasonable as it relates to salary, bonuses, and benefits for your organization's executive team


We understand the nuances and requirements of compensation programs at non-profit organizations, especially with regard to executive compensation planning.


We can assist with conducting a total compensation and benefits analysis for “disqualified persons” at non-profit organizations to ensure that rewards programs are reasonable based on IRS guidelines.


The compensation review process consists of a report that will provide a marketplace analysis of current and proposed compensation, taking into consideration and reporting upon national markets, the local market, comparable positions, and other information deemed relevant to compensation.


For those identified as disqualified persons, compensation provided by tax-exempt organizations is not excessive if it is "reasonable." We will analyze and document why the compensation paid is reasonable, using data to support this position.

Partner with the POE Group to design and implement total compensation programs that will move your organization forward


The POE Group routinely completes executive compensation studies that include pay components such as base salary, total cash, total remuneration, and information on the 25th, 50th, and 75th percentiles of each component.


We have many years of experience working with public companies, private companies, and non-profit organizations. In the case of non-profit organizations, this information is sourced from surveys that we own, surveys we purchase as necessary, as well as any relevant peer group Form 990 data that is pulled from public filings.  

Once we complete our analysis of your organization's executive pay programs, you will have the information you need to ensure that you are compliant with IRS regulations surrounding reasonable pay. We will also provide you with a reasonableness opinion letter that is very useful documentation to have in case of an IRS audit.

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Do You Have Questions
About Your Non-Profit?

Talk to Joe.

We know that compensation can be complex,
but we're here to help. Let's talk today with
Free 30-Minute Consultation.

Call 813-546-8628 to speak directly with Joe Kager, Managing Consultant of the POE Group.

Joe Kager, CCP

POE Group Managing Consultant

We work with companies, large and small, across all industries and throughout the United States.

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