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POE Group Helps $900M Short-Line Railroad with Operations in the United States, Canada and Australia Pave the Way for Aggressive Growth


The company had an aggressive growth strategy and high performance expectations that required rapid acquisition integration and increased talent mobility.  The HR budget was constrained, and the current HR systems did not support the overall business strategy.

Compensation Consulting

  • Developed a compensation philosophy and strategy and drove it to consensus among the company’s leaders.

  • Developed and implemented standardized role profile to document each position’s accountabilities.

  • Consolidated titles and created job levels to recognize the similarity of positions with different scope levels (e.g. people supervised, revenue).

  • Developed structures across multiple geographic locations, applying geographic differentials as appropriate.

  • Developed salary administrative guidelines to ensure consistency across the company.

  • Created and implemented a market-based job evaluation program.

  • Developed hourly, salaried, and management incentive plans.

  • Provided general consulting assistance regarding deferred compensation, equity plans, and proxy disclosure.

  • Communicated extensively with management and employees at implementation of the salary administration and incentive plans.

  • Developed standardized communications for acquisitions that addressed questions related to job titling, base compensation, incentive compensation, and benefits. 


Compensation Outcomes

  • Reduced redundant job titles by 50%.

  • Created consistent messaging through the incentive plan that reinforced the company’s strategy, values, and objectives.

  • Concisely documented job profiles that included duties, requirements, competencies, area accountabilities, etc.  This was viewed as foundational for advancing the compensation, staffing, and development functions

  • The revision of the pay system was positively viewed by employees, based on increased transparency and comprehensive communications.

  • Time for human capital integration related to acquisitions was reduced by ~50%.

  • Increased mobility of management between properties due to the alignment of compensation practices.

How Can We Help with Your Company's Compensation Needs?

To speak with our managing consultant, Joe Kager, call 813-546-8628 or email directly at

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