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We believe that two characteristics influence our relationship with our clients—our character and our competence.  We are a small firm that works hard to exceed the expectations of our clients.  Our values listed below define our character and competence. 

At the POE Group, we understand our clients’ businesses and their individual circumstances. 


Our solutions are customized to the specific business conditions, priorities, and culture of each client.

Based in Western North Carolina, The POE Group has been an independent compensation consulting firm since 1997. Our clients range from small businesses to Fortune 1000 companies in many different industries across the United States.
Smaller publicly traded companiesemerging private companiesfamily-owned companies, and non-profits can all benefit from our specialized executive compensation advisory services.


We are a specialized consulting organization that prides itself on providing expert knowledge, creative solutions, the ability to implement and excellent client service at a reasonable fee.

We take pride in delivering experienced, independent, and candid compensation advisory services using a collaborative approach. Our client retention ratio is above 90% in the last ten years, indicating the long-term value we provide.

Clients benefit from our expertise related to executive compensation, employee compensation, sales force compensation, pay equity audits and performance measurement and feedback systems.


Our engagements begin with gathering quantitative and qualitative information. We develop an understanding of the client’s industry, business drivers, organization, performance, and culture. Data is analyzed from multiple perspectives to provide a comprehensive understanding of an existing program’s strengths and weaknesses. New plan designs are driven by the company’s business strategy and culture.


An important aspect of our consulting approach is collaboration with our clients. We have found that this improves results by better aligning our recommendations to the cultural realities of the organization. Our clients consider us thought partners in designing compensation systems that fit with their organizations.


Our Values

Independence:  Our advice and opinions must be beyond reproach.  The POE Group only consults in compensation-related projects.  We do not provide benefits consulting, insurance placement, or other ancillary services.  We can refer clients to other experts in these areas but will never take a referral fee.  Our suggested approach for executive compensation assignments is for the POE Group to be retained by, and report directly to, the Compensation Committee. We then work in partnership with Management, as directed by the Committee. 


Collaboration:  Our approach produces solutions that consider the cultural reality of the organization.  For executive pay assignments, we are typically accountable to the Compensation Committee, yet we work with Management in a very collaborative way.  We work with Management to understand history, rationale, and forward-looking strategies and objectives.     


Professionalism:  We will provide our perspectives on optimal designs and approaches, and will discuss candidly what would and would not be considered best practice, based on our understanding of your business strategy and priorities.  We will speak frankly and provide firm opinions and challenges—although in a constructive way and at the appropriate time.


Client Service:  We are in business to be of service to our clients and strive to share our knowledge and experience with all stakeholders.  We work with a limited number of clients so that each receives the level of service that we would expect.  We are available when needed but don’t position ourselves as central to the process.  Our role is flexible, and based on the needs of the client.  If clients are not satisfied with our services, they do not pay.

To speak with our managing consultant, Joe Kager, call 813-546-8628 or email directly at

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