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At the POE Group, we design compensation or reward systems that allow both parties – the employer and the employees of the organization – to maximize their outcomes. Below are a few case studies which outline our efforts on the behalf of our clients.
POE Group Aligns Total Awards Program with Business Goals for $1.5B International Manufacturer and Distributor of Home Products

The company did not have a common approach to their total rewards programs across their seven country footprint. This led to a lack of understanding of their labor costs, inconsistency in salary administration processes, and did not promote a unified culture.

>> Learn more about how the POE Group helped this client achieve their optimal compensation structure.

POE Group Helps $900M Short-Line Railroad, with Operations in the United States, Canada and Australia Pave the Way for Aggressive Growth

The company had an aggressive growth strategy and high performance expectations that required rapid acquisition integration and increased talent mobility. The HR budget was constrained, and the current HR systems did not support the overall business strategy.

>> Learn more about how the POE Group helped this client with positive compensation outcomes.

POE Group Redesigns Sales Compensation Plan for Durable Goods Manufacturer Across Three Divisions

The company's sales plans, which spanned four different business units, were disparate, leading to a lack of collaboration. Leadership predicted significant growth in their market and the need to ensure the sales plans supported the business plan. Sales associate perception was that the plan was not competitive, so developing a plan that would retain and motivate this group was viewed as critical to the business’ future growth.

>> Learn more about how the POE Group helped redesign the sales compensation plans for this client.


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