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POE Group Aligns Total Rewards Program with Business Goals for $1.5B International Manufacturer and Distributor of Home Products


The company did not have a common approach to their total rewards programs across their seven country footprint. This led to a lack of understanding of their labor costs, inconsistency in salary administration processes, and did not promote a unified culture.

Total Rewards Consulting

  • Developed a compensation philosophy and strategy to communicate objectives throughout the company.  Areas addressed included base pay, incentives, recognition, benefits, and learning and growth.

  • Facilitated a review and consolidation of job titles.

  • Developed a point factor plan and salary bands for different countries and geographic locations within the U.S. and Canada to address internal equity.

  • Sourced external salary information for each geographic area to address external competitiveness.

  • Segmented positions into distinct job levels that supported career development and of dual career ladders.

  • Facilitated point factor evaluation with the client

  • Integrated point factor results and external market data to determine assignment of jobs into pay grades.

  • Calculated cost to implement the new system with different salary structure parameters.

  • Developed salary administration guidelines to ensure consistency across the company.

  • Provided management with training materials and support throughout implementation.

  • Provided associate communication materials for use during implementation.


Total Rewards Outcomes

  • Reduced unique titles in the organization by 40%.

  • Market-based and geographically relevant pay structure.

  • A common structure and approach to salary administration across the company.

  • Better understanding of staffing requirements with the standardization of job titles/levels.

  • Increased associate understanding of the company’s approach to compensation (market-based, internally equitable, and linked to performance).

  • Increased consistency in application of compensation related processes.


How Can We Help with Your Company's Compensation Needs?


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