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Are You Searching for a Compensation Consulting Partner?

The POE Group is a full-service compensation consulting firm with over 25 years of experience across all industry types and size of organizations.
Our firm partners with boards and senior executives to provide compensation strategy and compensation design that best aligns with your company's business objectives.

Smart companies know that compensation is a key factor in attracting, retaining and motivating talent within your organization.


What they don't always know however, do they use compensation to further their company's business and leadership objectives.

If the design of compensation systems has become too complex – or you need insight from an independent compensation consulting firm – we can help.

At the POE Group, we understand the challenges of designing, implementing, communicating and managing compensation plans for businesses of all sizes – and, as a compensation partner – will tailor a solution for your company.


Executive Compensation Consulting Services

Senior management plays an vital role in building a company's business. As such, the organization carries a duty to design strategic compensation plans for their CEOs, board of directors and other C-suite executives.


These plans should be designed to compensate motivate senior executives for recent performance and to motivate for meeting future company goals. Executive compensation can include a wide variety of pay strategies including salary, incentives and bonuses, long-term incentives, stock options, insurance, benefits and other financial and non-financial perks.

Our executive compensation consulting firm provides advice, strategy and plan design to help our clients achieve their executive pay goals.

Employee Compensation Consultants

Just as senior executives require thoughtful compensation systems to be put in place, your company employees deserve the same.

These compensation systems should be designed to reward, motivate and retain top talent while dovetailing

with the company's overall compensation strategy and business goals.

While assembling comprehensive compensation and benefits packages can be overwhelming, our experienced employee compensation consultants help solve the challenges organizations face with today's

ever-changing workforce.


Compensation Design for Sales Professionals

The compensation of sale employees is more complex that with other employees, involving many decisions beyond appropriate market pay and what percent of pay should be incentive based. 

An effective sales compensation system will reinforce the duties and accountability of your sales positions, the importance of various roles in the selling process, and your competitive marketplace. Our goal is to help clients align compensation to the accountability of the sales positions, the external market, and your business goals.

Performance Measurement and Feedback Systems

Performance measurement and feedback are central to achieving breakthrough results. We help clients develop those important measures, across the different levels in the organization, to support their strategic and tactical goals.
Feedback systems provide the correcting loop to incrementally improve results for the enterprise, department, and individual.

Pay Equity Audits and Compensation Planning 

When establishing fairness in pay practices, businesses can begin reaping the benefits of employee trust in pay decisions, lower turnover, and a higher-performance workforce.
Our pay equity compensation consultants help companies gather the relevant data, conduct the pay audit backed by statistical methods, generate a pay equity analysis report, identify issues, and determine an action plan to rectify problems. Our consulting approach is based on a collaborative approach with our clients to ensure optimal results.

What Types of Companies Benefit from Compensation Planning and Strategy for?

The POE Group has specialized expertise across all industry segments including  Fortune 1000 companies, smaller publicly traded companiesemerging private companiesfamily-owned companies, and non-profits.

We are in business to serve our clients, and we strive to share our knowledge and experience with all stakeholders. Our role is flexible and is based on the needs of the client. We will speak frankly and provide firm opinions, candid views and constructive challenges when appropriate – and look forward to connecting with you on your next compensation project.

Do You Have Questions About Compensation? Talk to Joe.

We know that compensation can be complex.

Let's talk with a Free 30-Minute Consultation.
We're here to help.
Call 813-546-8628 to speak directly with Joe Kager, Managing Consultant of the POE Group

Joe Kager, CCP

POE Group Managing Consultant

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