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Our associates are compensation and human resource experts, dedicated to delivering  quality service and facilitating customer needs.

Joe Kager, CCP


Joe is the Managing Consultant and founder of the POE Group and is a Certified Compensation Professional (CCP) with over twenty-five years of consulting experience. His areas of expertise include reward system design (for executives, sales employees, and the general employee population), performance measurement, organizational assessment, project management, change management, and compensation plan communication. 

He has worked with over 150 client companies throughout his consulting career in a large range of industries in all stages of development, from small companies with under $50 million in revenue to larger firms with revenue over $2.5 billion. Prior to becoming a consultant, Joe worked for healthcare, insurance, and manufacturing companies and focused on implementing, communicating, and managing compensation programs.

POE Group clients are often looking for compensation help because their organization is experiencing some type of change (i.e., a merger, acquisition, or IPO) or to assist with an overhaul of their compensation systems beyond their internal expertise. The POE Group believes in meeting clients where they are; stressing the importance of education, change management, and communication. Joe firmly believes that compensation plans are considered communication tools.

Joe has the rare combination of compensation technical expertise and the ability to clearly communicate complex information, leading to strong client relationships and collaboration. He believes in the importance of clients fully understanding and appreciating the value of changes to a compensation system in their organization. His penchant for sharing his considerable knowledge extends to teaching Compensation Design and Administration at the University of South Florida, speaking engagements at local, regional, and national human resources and compensation conferences, and writing on compensation topics.


He continues to appreciate the opportunity to develop new client relationships and help firms receive excellent compensation consulting. Larger consulting firms often refer business to the POE Group because of the firm’s reputation for strong technical expertise and providing first-class compensation consulting at a reasonable price. 

Joe graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Organizational Psychology and earned a Master’s degree in Management from Auburn University. The POE Group was recognized by his alma mater with the Top Tiger Award by the Harbert College of Business at Auburn University. He recently moved to the mountains of North Carolina with his wife of 37 years to further hone his hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking skills.

Expanded compensation services with the team at Future Sense


The POE Group is pleased to partner with the Specialty Compensation Team at FutureSense. This expands our capabilities to be of service to current and future clients in all aspects of compensation consulting.


Dan Walter, Managing Consultant of FutureSense, and his team are known for their reputation for providing strategy-based, innovative and sensible compensation solutions for their clients. The partnership with FutureSense augments our creativity and the quality of our solutions for POE Group clients.

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