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At the POE Group, we strive to build professional, positive and long-lasting relationships with our clients. Check out what our client's have said about work with the POE Group below.

Ron Wilkinson – Board Member, Itafos

We began working with Joe Kager and the POE Group in December 2019. We had immediate need for executive compensation assistance in the development of a pay program for a new CEO.


The POE Group quickly engaged and worked with us through the holidays to complete the assignment. Since then, we have asked for their help in other executive pay and governance issues and continue to be impressed by their contribution to our company. As a board member in a small publicly traded company, I appreciate receiving high quality advice for a reasonable fee. I recommend the POE Group without reservation.

Joseph Milton – President & CEO, J Milton & Associates

We hired Joe Kager and the POE Group to advise on compensation matters in our Miami-based family-owned business. The work entailed ensuring fair, market-driven compensation for me and my partners, who are also my brothers.  They took the time to understand our different businesses, our different roles, and our relationships. 


It was important that we had trust and confidence in the process and the consultant, which we did.  They did an amazing job and we will work with the POE Group in the future to provide unbiased compensation advice for our family and our extended family (our employees).  I would highly recommend Joe and his team to other companies who need assistance with the sensitive issue of pay in family-owned businesses.

Larry Seay – Former CFO, Meritage Homes

I worked directly with Joe Kager and his firm, the POE Group, as CFO of Meritage Homes. I would characterize his consulting approach as collaborative, direct, with a willingness to consider the specific business issues relating to his clients. 


Although we did not always agree on certain subjects, the POE Group presented unbiased recommendations and advise to our board of directors.  I would recommend the POE Group to other companies.

Karen Jones – Chief Human Resource Officer, Paradigm Corporation

As an experienced CHRO, I find great value in a consulting firm that is highly responsive to my company’s needs, takes interest in sharing their knowledge, communicates well, and delivers as promised. We found all of that in working with Dan Steele and Joe Kager of the POE Group.


Because of COVID, our compensation project extended from a planned six months to over a year. The POE Group stood ready to assist even beyond their scope of work as we managed through this challenging and changing environment. Dan and Joe became critical partners to my team, and to me, as we worked through the complexity of developing and deploying one pay plan in a company that has grown through several acquisitions.


I will continue to work with The POE Group and highly recommend the firm if you want to partner with a compensation consulting team that provides a “fit for need” experience, something that is difficult to get with the big firms.

Bill Parker – VP of HR of Corporate Communications, Hero Group

We have engaged the POE Group for two assignments for our US-based subsidiary companies.  My firm, Hero Group, is headquartered in Switzerland, and needed a stateside consultant to assist in the development of executive compensation plans.  The firm’s expertise in executive compensation was evident in our first conversations.  The plan designs were well thought out and delivered in a short timeframe.  I appreciated the firm’s collaborative consulting approach and their ability to deliver under pressure.

Gonzalo Diaz – Chief Executive Officer, Med-Lab

Joe Kager and the POE Group were selected to determine compensation plans for our family run business, focused on me and my cousins as business partners. I valued POE Group’s approach, considering all sides of this touchy topic. The result was comprehensive including both specific and effective recommendations and a path for implementation.


My business partners and I were impressed in our first meeting with Joe; he on first pass offered a logical and personal approach to the engagement. After our experience, I am an advocate for the POE Group based on the incredible work performed.

Sarah Laroque – Chief Operating Officer, EarthBalance

We engaged the POE Group to develop the first salary administration program for our company.  We needed a compensation structure that our current employees would understand and one that would meet future growth the company.


POE Group were absolutely a pleasure to work with and expert at coaching us and explaining all the details of a salary program. The training POE provided us for rolling out our new salary program helped our management team to gain a common understanding.  The POE Group’s work, and our end product, exceeded our expectations.


I would highly recommend the POE Group to other companies needing compensation consulting, and I expect we will continue to engage with POE as our company needs grow.

Shannon Daley – Director of Human Resources, Western States Petroleum Association

I found the POE Group through a web search for compensation consulting. When I first spoke with Joe Kager, the Managing Consultant, I knew right away he was the consultant for our association and just about hired his firm on the spot. My instinct was right.


The POE Group listened in order to understand our issues and provided innovative solutions to our unique needs as a small organization with very talented employees. I cannot put enough emphasis on the word “listened.” With each conversation I had with the POE Group, the team returned products to me that made me look like the expert; and from the start they always shared and conveyed our core values in everything they provided.


They placed a great emphasis on communications, which was important to my CEO, so that our employees understood how the pay system worked, and what it meant to them. I highly recommend the POE Group. Just give them a call like I did!

Ray Oppel – Compensation Committee Chairman, Meritage Homes

The POE Group became the executive compensation consultant to Meritage’s board in 2013.  Before engaging the firm, we had not engaged a consultant for quite a few years. Joe Kager’s approach of working collaboratively with management is an important aspect of our decision to continue to engage the POE Group. The committee trusts that we will receive straight talk from Joe, even if it is different from management’s perspective.

Norman Metcalfe – Chairman of the Board, Tejon Ranch Company

The POE Group has been the executive compensation consultant on two boards I serve. Joe Kager has effectively facilitated our committee discussions through sound analysis of compensation arrangements and changes in governmental regulations. Furthermore, he effectively understands the sometimes different perspectives of management and board members, and successfully crafts arrangements that satisfy both parties. I would recommend him for further assignments.

John Robinson – Compensation Committee Chairman, Coeur Mining

The POE Group has served as the executive compensation consultant to Coeur Mining’s Board for five years. Our compensation committee has appreciated the compensation analysis which is tailored to our business, rather than a generic product. Their customer service is exceptional. I and other members of the committee have referred the POE Group to other companies with which we have a relationship.

Patrick Ingham – Vice President of Human Resources, Synergy Equipment

Highly knowledgeable, professional and insightful. A great consulting group who took the time to understand our unique business and provide some good recommendations. Highly recommend!

Deborah Anderson – Chairman of the Board, Sherloq Group

The Board of Director's of Sherloq Group engaged Joe Kager and the POE Group for an assignment to address a variety of matters relating to the Board. Joe and his firm provided us market-based analysis and thoughtful recommendations for the project. Our board was impressed with the firms professionalism and plan to engage the POE Group for additional assignments in the near future.

Clint Moore – Compensation Committee Chairman, MarineMax

We began working with the POE Group as the executive pay advisor to the board in 2014. Joe and his firm have added significant value to the compensation committee in considering appropriate peer companies and resetting competitive pay for our executives during a period of tremendous growth. 


Their consulting approach seeks to arrive at recommendations that reflect the perspectives of the committee and management. I consider the POE Group a trusted, independent advisor to our compensation committee.

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