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Sales Force Compensation Consulting Services

We recognize that a company can have a well-designed sales compensation plan and not achieve desired results. A well-executed communication plan is as important as a sound plan design.
There are many stakeholders that should be included in the change management process to implement a new sales compensation plan. We partner with clients to create a communications plan that takes into consideration the different stakeholders, the timing of the communications, message content, communication channels, and the communicator.

The compensation of sales employees is more complex than other employees, involving many decisions beyond appropriate market pay and what percent of pay should be incentive based.


An effective sales compensation system will reinforce the duties and accountability of your sales positions, the importance of various roles in the selling process, and your competitive marketplace.

We approach sales compensation design through a data-centric approach and an understanding of stakeholder perspectives. Our goal is to help clients align compensation to the accountability of the sales positions, the external market, and your business goals.

To speak with our managing consultant, Joe Kager, call 813-546-8628 or email directly at

Our comprehensive expertise in Sales Force Compensation covers:
  • Job Design and Alignment of Responsibilities
  • Sales Compensation Plan Evaluation
  • Sales Compensation Plan Design
  • Communication and Implementation
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