Miami Compensation Consulting Services

The POE Group is a full-service compensation consulting firm serving businesses and other organizations within Miami and across Florida.
While the primary emphasis of our practice is executive compensation consulting, we also provide compensation consulting for all employee segments including total reward systems, base pay competitive analysis, incentive plan design, sales compensation design, and executive compensation design. 

How Are Companies in Miami, FL Adapting Their Compensation Plans Due to COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a financial and social shock to businesses across our country and the globe. Now is a good time for companies to consider if their approach to compensating their workforce is still appropriate in the changed and continually shifting business environment.

In our latest video, managing consultant Joe Kager discusses how companies can adapt their compensation strategy.

Our Miami, FL Compensation Consultants Work Closely with Compensation Committees, HR Teams and Executive Management

Clients benefit from our expertise related to executive compensation, employee compensation, sales force compensation and performance measurement and feedback systems. Our clients range from small businesses to Fortune 1000 companies in many different industries across Florida and around the United States.

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How Does the POE Group Work With Clients?

We take pride in delivering experienced, independent, and candid compensation advisory services using a collaborative approach. Our client retention ratio is above 90% in the last ten years, indicating the long-term value we provide.

Our engagements begin with gathering quantitative and qualitative information. We develop an understanding of the client’s industry, business drivers, organization, performance, and culture. Data is analyzed from multiple perspectives to provide a comprehensive understanding of an existing program’s strengths and weaknesses. New plan designs are driven by the company’s business strategy and culture.


An important aspect of our consulting approach is collaboration with our clients. We have found that this improves results by better aligning our recommendations to the cultural realities of the organization. Our clients consider us thought partners in designing compensation systems that fit with their organizations.

Executive Compensation Consulting for Miami Companies

The design of an executive compensation plan is a complex process. Each facet of the firm’s regulatory requirements, financial state, and company culture must be carefully considered and integrated into the design of each plan. We help our executive compensation clients make informed decisions by turning complex data into meaningful information.

  • Reward Strategy Determination

  • Peer Group Definition

  • Executive Total Compensation Analysis

  • Incentive Design and Governance

  • Short-Term Incentive Plan Design

  • Long-Term Incentive Plan Design

  • Say on Pay Testing

  • Shareholder Communication through the CD&A

  • Board of Director Plan Competitive Analysis and Design

  • Intermediate Sanctions Safe Harbor Studies for Non-Profit Firms

  • Base Pay Analysis

  • Development of Proxy Exhibits and Assistance in Proxy Writing

Employee Compensation Consulting Solutions

Aligning employee compensation systems to the business goals and culture of organizations is an integral step to creating a high performance organization. There are many approaches to consider, each of which communicates a different message to your employees. We can help ensure the messaging hits the mark.

  • Reward Strategy Development

  • Total Reward Consulting

  • Base Salary Plan Development

  • Custom Job Evaluation System Development

  • Short-Term Incentive Plan Design

  • Low Cash / Non-Cash Recognition Systems

  • Incentive Plan Communication

  • Management Salary Administration Training

  • Employee Salary Administration Training

Sales Force Compensation Consulting Services in Miami, FL

We recognize that a company can have a well-designed sales compensation plan and not achieve desired results. We partner with clients to create a communications plan that takes into consideration the different stakeholders, the timing of the communications, message content, communication channels, and the communicator.

  • Job Design and Alignment of Responsibilities

  • Sales Compensation Plan Evaluation

  • Sales Compensation Plan Design

  • Communication and Implementation

Our Florida clients range from small entrepreneurial firms to large Fortune 1000 organizations. We have experience in a variety of different industries, with both public and private companies. 

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After Covid-19, How are Miami Companies Adapting their Compensation Plans?

Now is a good time for companies to consider if their approach to compensating their workforce is still appropriate in the changed and continually shifting business environment. Read more here: Adapting Your Compensation Plans in a Covid-19 World.