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Executive Compensation Consulting Services

Nationally recognized as compensation experts, the POE Group has been an independent compensation consulting firm since 1997.
Our clients range from small businesses to Fortune 1000 companies in many different industries across the United States.

Has something changed in your organization?
Quite often, the catalyst for contacting The POE Group is that change has occurred in your business – company growth, mergers, public offerings, executive search, fear of losing of talent or selling of the business.
When change occurs or is on the horizon, smart executives and compensation committee members know they need a partner to help them navigate corporate governance and compensation planning so that it best aligns with company goals and leadership strategy.
We bring the independent and external expertise needed when companies are building – or rebuilding – executive compensation plans and need to bring structure and strategy to their decision-making.
To speak with our managing consultant, Joe Kager, call 813-546-8628 or email directly at
Turning complex data into meaningful information.
The design of an executive compensation plan is a complex process. Each facet of the firm’s regulatory requirements, financial background and company culture must be carefully considered and integrated into the design of each plan.
Our goal is to partner with our executive compensation clients to help them make informed decisions, turning complex data into meaningful information.
How can we help you meet your objectives?
Our engagements begin with gathering quantitative and qualitative information. We develop an understanding of the client’s industry, business drivers, organization, performance, and culture. Data is analyzed from multiple perspectives to provide a comprehensive understanding of a program’s strengths and weaknesses based on sound compensation design, regulatory compliance, strong governance, and pay-for-performance considerations.

Often, our review for a client will suggest the need to redesign the compensation plan. New plan designs are driven by the company’s business strategy. We prefer to work collaboratively with Management and the Compensation Committee during plan design to ensure the best results. We use an iterative approach to design, further refining the design through stakeholder feedback.

To learn more, contact managing consultant Joe Kager by calling 813-546-8628 or email directly at
Our Comprehensive Expertise in Executive Compensation Covers:
  • Reward strategy determination
  • Peer group definition
  • Executive total compensation analysis
  • Incentive design and governance
  • Short-term incentive plan design
  • Long-term incentive plan design
  • Say on pay testing
  • Shareholder communication through the CD&A
  • Board of director plan competitive analysis and design
  • Intermediate sanctions safe harbor studies for non-profit firms
  • Base pay analysis
  • Development of proxy exhibits and assistance in proxy writing
Join hundreds of directors and senior executives nationwide who turn to The POE Group for their executive compensation solutions.
To speak with our managing consultant, Joe Kager, call 813-546-8628 or complete our contact form.
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